Welcome! We hope this helps you find a provider to help you navigate your PCOS and Food Peace Journey.

All providers have been trained in Julie’s specific fat positive PCOS weight inclusive and trauma-informed methods. Along with studying the modules, Providers have worked through 1 year of monthly group supervision, individual supervision, and passed a post-test.

All information submitted in provider’s language.


Lauren Anton:


Location: Los Angeles, CA USA and virutal

Self-Identifies As: I acknowledge I have privilege as a white, thin, cis-gender woman without PCOS

Credentials: MS, RD, CEDRD-S, CPT

About her work: I specialize in eating disorders and love working with athletes of all types and anyone who wants to break free from diet culture and renew their relationship with food, body, and movement.

Social: Instagram and Facebook: @laurenantonrd; Twitter: @Lganutrition

Christine Dolores Tellez:


Location: Miami, FL and virtual

Self-Identifies As: Latina, bilingual woman with light-skinned privilege and without PCOS

Credentials: MS, RD, LD

About her work: I provide support to people living with PCOS that are looking for help in improving their relationship with food and their bodies. I practice from an anti-oppression and fat positive lens and my work focuses on creating a world that values all bodies.

Social: Instagram.com/intuitivenutritionmiami

Nina Mills:


Location: Melbourne, Australia and virtual

Self-Identifies As: holding privileges as a white, cis-gender woman, in a larger body with PCOS

Credentials: APD, B.HSc, M.HumNutr, M.Diet, Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

About her work: I am a fat-positive, anti-diet dietitian supporting people with PCOS to heal their relationships with food and body.

Social: Instagram.com/FeelGoodEating; Facebook.com/FeelGoodEating

Kristen Murray:


Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA

Self-Identifies As: I acknowledge I have privilege as a white, thin, cis-gender woman without PCOS

Credentials: MS RD LD

About her work: I am a Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating dietitian supporting your journey to a more trusting and peaceful relationship with food and your body.

Social: Instagram.com/kristenmurrayrd

Amy Ornelas:

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Location: San Diego, California; in-person and virtual

Self-Identifies As: Cis-gendered female

Credentials: RDN, CEDRD-S

Social Media: @AmyOrnelasRD

Elisabeth Peterson:

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Location: Richmond & Weems, Virginia in person and virtual

Self-Identifies As: I acknowledge I have privilege as white, cis-gender woman without PCOS

Credentials: RDN, CEDRD-S, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

About her work: I am a trauma informed, Health at Every Size® advocate, anti-diet and weight-inclusive nutrition therapist, Anti-oppression & LGBTQ+ ally, supporting people in healing their relationship with food and their bodies for over 25 years.

Social Media: Instagram.com/resonanteating; Facebook:  Peterson Nutrition & Fitness; Twitter:  @Elisabeth_Pete

Noura Sheikhalzoor:


Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and virtual

Self-Identifies As: Woman of colour without PCOS

Credentials: MSc, RD

About her work: I am an non-diet weight-inclusive dietitian supporting women with PCOS.


Kimmie Singh:


Location: New York City, New York USA

Self-Identifies As: I am a fat woman of color with PCOS.

Credentials: MS, RDN

About her work: I support people with PCOS that are trying to heal their relationships with food and body. I practice with a socially-informed approach that is rooted in body liberation and fat-positivity. 

Social: Instagram.com/BodyPositive_Dietitian; Twitter.com/BodyPositive_RD; Facebook.com/BodyPositiveDietitian

Laura Watson


Location: Greensboro North Carolina USA

Self-Identifies As: Cis-gender woman with thin privilege living without personal experience with PCOS.

Credentials: MS, RD, CDE, LDN

About her work: I am a fat-postive, anti-diet nutrition therapist.  I believe that folx living with PCOS deserve respectful care free from stigma and I hope to help you navigate your journey to peace with food and your body.

Social: Instagram.com/LWatson_RD