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The PCOS and Food Peace Podcast was made just for you.

Listen to interesting people discuss how they got diagnosed with PCOS, the best (and worst) advice they received, and ways they experience health and peace.

What won’t you hear? Another crappy diet recommendation. We know diets don’t work even though you’ve been pressured to lose weight to treat PCOS. There is another way to eat and experience life. We can’t wait to share with you how.

Hosted by dietitian Julie Duffy Dillon and dietitian-in-training Kimmie Singh, they are PCOS experts passionate about fat positive interventions.

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Here’s what I wish you knew:

We wish you knew you were given the wrong tools to manage your PCOS and that’s not your fault. 

Diets failed not you.

We wish you knew diets don’t work for most people because it is how our bodies are wired to survive. 

Diets didn’t work for you because you are a successful human. 

You are not defective rather following your important complicated biology.

We believe your body has all the wisdom it needs to promote health and reconnect. No matter how long it has been since you trusted that innate skill.

We wish you knew that starting another diet to help manage PCOS is not your only answer. Starting another diet may initially feel hopeful yet that is only short lived. It is seductive though.

We believe diets hurt your PCOS and keep you from health and vitality. 

We wish you knew how precious you are today. 

Here’s what we are against:

We are nutrition experts against rigid meal plans, diets, and forbidden foods. 

We are against the conventional medical model that is one size fits all. We are against the notion our health is determined by this narrow “ideal.” 

We are against taking the pleasure out of food. 

We are against preying on the vulnerability of those suffering with PCOS saying that a diet will work even though the evidence doesn’t support that promise.

We are against making women with PCOS lose weight to qualify for reproductive medicine and other medical interventions.

We are against the notion that you didn’t try hard enough to lose weight, control your cravings, or exercise long enough.

You have tried everything to feel better.

We are against shame induced directions to get you to eat more fruits, vegetables, or whatever. 

We hope you find these chapter notes handy. If you’d like the more detailed version, hop on over to JulieDillonRD.com

Chapter 1:

Jes Baker on shame, secrecy, and who’s to blame

Chapter 2:

Sophie Carter-Kahn on Googling the diagnosis while finding your path

Chapter 3:

Ivy Felicia on feeling broken and finding comprehensive treatment  

Chapter 4:

Caroline Dooner and how PCOS recommendations started her eating disorder

Chapter 5:

Laura Burns on infertility and hurricanes 

Chapter 6:

Chevese Turner on mental health, grief, and loss  

Chapter 7:

Dani Adriana on weight stigma and slowing down

Chapter 8:

Shira Rosenbluth on beauty, body positivity, and changing your language

Chapter 9:

Sasha Ottey turning challenges into advocacy  

Chapter 10:

Kimmie Singh on worthiness and chronic conditions

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